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All our Lifting systems are made to order and therefore the design and lifting capacity can be modified to suit your individual requirements. For beam customizations, please fill out an application evaluationform online.

fasce per sollevamento in poliestere60 TON, 60000 KG POLYESTER ROUND SLINGS
APPLICATION- OUR ROUND SLINGS: Each Round Lifting Sling body is constructed of multiple endless loops made of 100% polyester yarns encased in a four-layer woven polyester jacket.
tiranti cricchetti in poliestere, cinghie per ancoraggio con ganciPolyester ratchet tie down, Ratchet Lashings, are used for Transport, Trucks, storage yacht & boats.They have replaced traditional jute ropes, chains and wires used for transportation and for a variety of other applications. Breaking strength scope:1500Ibs-20000Ibs.
tiranti a catena a 2 bracciaSLING CHAINS - LOAD CAPACITIES - Safety factor 4 - 1 leg, 2 legs, 3 and 4 legs - Endless chain sling - Loop chains: Angle ß - - 0° - 45° 45° - 60° 0° - 45° 45° - 60° 0° - 45° 45° - 60° - 0° - 45° 0° - 45° - Load factor 1 0,8 1,4 1 1,12 0,8 2,1 1,5 1,6 1,4 2,1
pinza per posa cordoli, barriere stradali, new jerseyWe design and produce Automatic Gripper for jersey barrier for the handling and laying of Jersey barrier type manufactured products with automatic opening and closure. Grab depth 200, Jaws length mm: 510, Grab width mm: 0 - 400, Capacity kg: 5000, Tare kg: 200.
fasce per sollevamento in poliestereEndless Round Lifting Sling Perfect for hugging and gripping many uneven and odd shaped loads. Light in Weight, But High in Strength. 100% polyester construction that assures low elongation 3% at rated capacity and still returns to original length.
pinza a pantografo per massi e pietre irregolari, sassi e massiThe Pantograph Stone-Grip clamp has an adjustable jaw width so it can grab and lift stone bricks and blocks in a variety of thicknesses up to 1000mm. Its clamp faces are lined with rubber to protect the stone’s surface and provide extra grip. Features Capacity: 1000kg, Jaw width: 1000mm
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