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ELS engineering team designs each lifting project in collaboration with the customer before it is released to the shop floor.
Are you looking for the right people for your project or employees? We will provide you with a flexible solution to your labor demand. We will secure the necessary people for your impact projects, find you long-term employees or cover the short-term absence of your employees.

We have 80 people for ideally full time jobs. We talk really about different production jobs. We mean welders, electrician, service of different machines, warehouseman and etc. Or short term jobs are a topic as well. We mean the montages or anything like this.
Legal aspects
No worries about the administration associated with the employment of workers or their replacement. We will take care of all the formalities, including equipping the employee with work tools, clothes, etc. You find people, we offer solutions.

(CE marking certificate - US ANSI ASME Standard B30.20 and BTH-1 for below-the-hook lifting devices, as well as complying with OSHA.)

Exclusive designing with state-of-the art 3D environment (currently run on Autodesk Inventor) Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software for design verificationVerifying the design of all lifters through in-house proof-testing of the load limit capacity.

ELS Group Steel-Structure

sollevatore magnetico a leva al neodimioPrefabricated-Modular-Steel-Structures - Wall JB cranes Taylor costruction Quick-mounting aluminium gantry cranes Electric Jib cranes. Electric, manual and air hoists jib cranes lifting boats 30 to 50 Ton Capacity, gru a bandiera a colonnajib cranes stainless steel. Electrically rotated jib cranes, jib cranes manual or motorized rotation. Jib cranes cantilever fork mounted with forklift, Pillar Type Jib Crane. Gantry crane / mobile / workshop, gantry cranes, aluminum portable workshop, lightweight yet durable aluminum tripods feature a cast aluminum head with automatic leg locks that make set-up and take-down quick and easy, crane light suspended in aluminum and steel, single and double girder, duct suspension and support systems. Single speed electric chain hoist, three phase and single phase, hook and trolley mounted hoists as well as theatre hoists and tower hoists.

Lifting Equipment and specials accessories RUD hook lifting point for spreader beams

bilancino di sollevamento monotrave regolabileElectric, air and manual hoists, Jib cranes, light crane systems, aluminium gantry cranes, monorails, Electric, hydraulic and manual winches, Steel wire ropes, Wire rope slings with wedge sockets, spelter sockets, thimbles,gancio a C per coilsLifting Equipment and accessories specials RUD hook lifting point for spreader beams, boat and yacht lightering. Production equipment for building industry, grippers for building industry, grippers for new jersey, concrete road barriers clamp and distribution of lifting products. Column Jib cranes Jib cranes, crane systems, wall jib cranes, Taylor costruction, aluminium gantry cranes Electric Jib cranes. Electric, manual and air hoists, jib cranes lifting boats 30 to 50 Ton Capacity, jib cranes stainless steel. Electrically rotated jib cranes, jib cranes manual or motorized rotation, Jib cranes cantilever fork mounted with forklift, Pillar Type Jib Crane, Gantry crane, mobile, workshop, gantry cranes, aluminum portable workshop, lightweight yet durable aluminum tripods.

Lifting beams - spreader beams

bilancino di sollevamento monotrave regolabileSpreader beams and lifting beams are below-the-hook lifting devices that lift loads with single or multiple attachment points. They act as a crosspiece for spacing the hooks or chains that hold loads such as bundles, rolls, cylinders, and machinery.gancio a C per coilsSpreader Beam Stainless Steel, Spreader Beam sling spacer. Spreader Beam for Marble Granite Stone Slab, Spreader Beam for beams in iron, Spreader Beam Cross X for big bags. C-Hooks for Coils, Motorized Rotating C Hook, C-Hooks are designed for the lifting and transfer of wire coils, sheet metal in rolls. Forklift Lifting Equipment, Fixed crane hook, adjustable crane hook, low liner jib, telescopic low liner jib, fork mounted jib, telescopic fork mounted jib, carriage mounted jib, telescopic carriage mounted jib, high lift jib.

Vacuum lifters for marble and granite, glass, vacuum lifters for handling aluminum

bilancino di sollevamento monotrave regolabileVacuum lifters compressed air for marble and granite to glass, vacuum lifters for glass, vacuum lifters with manual rotation,gancio a C per coilsfor lifting glass sheets, glass vacuum lifters, glass lifting equipment with motorized rotation and motorized tilting, vacuum lifters for handling metal sheet, vacuum lifters for plate & sheet or stainless steel, vacuum lifters for handling aluminum, vacuum lifters for handling wooden beams and panels. Vacuum rotary electric, pneumatic or battery, vacuum without the use of the compressor (air pump manual), manual vacuum for smooth surfaces, vacuum lifters for handling road paving and stone, indoor, gneiss/beola, cement agglomerates, betonelle, grits, palladiane, for all natural and artificial, porous stone floorings, natural stones, concrete, quarry tile. Spreader beams with vacuum lifters for off-loading stacks of insulated sandwich panels, steel units, plywood, MDF, particle board, chipboard, melamine board, vacuum lifters for sheet metal, featuring suction pads with longitudinal and transverse adjustment, special vacuum lifter for sheet metal, lifting structure with telescopic longitudinal adjustment.



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WHO WE ARE? Our company consists exclusively of experienced and professionally trained workers We are experts in temporary assignment and mediation of workers, especially in the field of engineering. We believe in a professional approach to working with people, which is why we employ only qualified and responsible workers with certificates corresponding to their professional engineering skills. We offer flexibility in providing workers in various fields of engineering, be it welding or metalwork. We are ready to solve the various and special requirements of our clients. Our services are used by companies and companies from all over the Czech Republic and abroad, and our employees participate in important projects in various companies. We provide work without problems both in workshops and directly on assembly and construction sites.

Lightweight and portable folding aluminum gantry cranes, movable, under load
Lightweight: Made from lightweight extruded aluminum track, the components of the gantry crane are easily lifted by one person. This allows the crane to be shipped easily to a job site, and even carried up a ladder or staircase to a rooftop work area.

Treppiede in alluminio per sollevamento


Light construction• System in aluminium(Head in steel for model 2000 Kg and 3000 Kg)• Telescopic feet : Aluminium adjustable bracket with a pitch of 150 mm• Attachment of the feet by a galvanized chain with a snap hook• Suitable for all floor : Articulated feet featuring two positions for hard or soft ground.